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Yoichi Ohira, blown glass vase from 'Laguna' series

Yoichi Ohira, blown glass vase from 'Laguna' series

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Yoichi Ohira (*1946), vase from 'Laguna' series, 1999
hand-blown glass canes with murrines and powder, signed
executed with Master Livio Serena
24 cm (height)
engraved signature, date and number at bottom 'Yoichi Ohira Mo L. Serena 1/1 Unique 1999 Murano' with artist's cipher.

excellent condition

The last picture shows a similar vase from the same serie.


B. Friedman, Yoichi Ohira: A Phenomenon in Glass, New York 2003, pp. 179, 379 illustrate similar examples;
A. Dorigato, Vetri Veneziani: Ohira, Venice 2006, n.p. 


Vetri Veneziani: Ohira, Caffe Florian, Venice and Isetan, Toyko, March - April 1999.

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