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Auriliano Toso - Dino Martens - "Bianca e nero Bird" 1950

Auriliano Toso - Dino Martens - "Bianca e nero Bird" 1950

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  • A very nice Murano figure of a Bird with Black and White internal stripes by Dino Martens for Aurelian Toso.

  • Size - About 5 1/2" tall to the top of the bird's head and about 9" total length from the tip of the beak to the back of the tail.  About 3" wide through the body.  

  • Excellent condition with only one scratch, as shown.  The scratch is about 5/8" long and really can only be seen with careful inspection.  Also, on the edge of the base there is an unusual indention in the glass.  This appears to be original to the piece.  It has not been ground, appears to have been fire polished, and absolutely does not detract.  Other than mentioned above, there are no nicks, chips, cracks, scratches, or repairs.

  • Marks - Unmarked.

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