Pirelli Calendar


The Calendar is the icon of Pirelli's communication. A symbol that for over forty years not only celebrates female beauty, but also celebrates the complexity of an art that has been able to transform itself over time. With constantly changing styles and authors, this art always manages to express a new aspect of history.

The Pirelli Calendar's photographers have always immortalized a very sophisticated concept of beauty, mid-way between fashion and glamour. And every year the Cal offers a collection of images that interprets the concept of beauty in an original way that is always different from the previous year.

The locations chosen by Pirelli for its calendars are sometimes far-away and exotic, like the Bahamas, the Seychelles, Majorca and Tunisia. This year it was the island of Corsica's turn . At other times it is up to the lights of the photographer's studio to illuminate the scene.

The Cal: una collezione di capolavori

The romantic interpretations of Peccinotti, in 1968. The shots by Sarah Moon, in 1972. Norman Parkinson, in 1985. The post-modern take of Arthur Elgort in 1990, and the celebrated Richard Avedon in 1995.

Each artist celebrated his or her own ideal of beauty, a mixture of nature and femininity. The photographers are able to express their own style in a shared objective: to create superlative images. In time, the Cal reached its goal, and has now subverted a rule: in the beginning, Pirelli calendars were hung on garage walls, nowadays they hang in museums.